Sale! Selkbag Lite 6G - Colour : Blue Evening

Selkbag Lite 6G - Colour : Blue Evening

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Selk’Bag Lite is designed to give maximum comfort and warmth while providing the greatest freedom of movement. Featuring lightweight construction with removable booties, the Lite is perfect for outdoor activities in warmer seasons, and just about anything you can think of indoors, from playing to sleeping.

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The all-new Selk’Bag Lite is designed for maximum mobility, comfort, and warmth. Selk'Bag is the perfect companion for all your adventures. Our Lite is perfect for both outdoors enthusiasts and indoor loungers.

- Elastic hand closure
- Kangaroo-style pocket - bring your hands to rest
- Removable booties - Zip-off booties reinforced with durable nylon so you can wear your own shoes when active, or the booties when sleeping
- Warm and cosy - Insulated hood together with a weather-resistant DWR coating Polyester softshell for added warmth

Shell: Polyester
Lining: Polyester
Insulation: Synthetic
Temperature Rating: Limit 44°F / 7°C (EN 13537)
Weight: 2.63lbs / 1.2kg (S) - 2.97lbs / 1.4kg (M) - 3.19lbs / 1.5kg (L) - 3.53lbs / 1.6kg (XL)